At Fairfield Sports Podiatry, we help you take care of your feet through regular examinations and patient education. Daniel will perform a physical examination and discuss your health history with you. He will then provide treatment and referrals if needed.

Daniel will look at:

  • Your blood circulation to the feet
  • Your feeling, sensations and reflexes
  • Your toenails
  • The condition of your feet (shapes, dryness/cracks, if there are calluses, corns or infections)

Poor circulation, neuropathy and infection due to diabetes can lead to serious foot conditions such as foot ulcers and amputation. We can help you avoid these complications through regular diabetic foot assessments.

Tip: Do a daily check of your feet for any changes. If you see ulcers, swelling, blister, bruising or cuts, please visit a podiatrist to get it checked out as soon as possible. Broken or cracked skin, corns, calluses or nail colour changes are also indicators that you need to visit a podiatrist.

Do you feel numbness, tingling (pins and needles) or burning sensations? This might be caused by nerve damage.

Nerve damage causes loss of sensation in your feet. When you are less able to feel pain, it can result in accidental injuries to your feet. Injuries to the foot can progress from ulcers to bone infections.

The complications of diabetic feet do not have to be your reality. With your diligent observation and care of your feet and regular check-ups and treatment at our clinic, you can better avoid pain and life-altering difficulties. Please call us at 0435553668 to book an appointment with Daniel to discuss your foot health and what we can do for you.