Do you have a bony bump on the side of your big toe? You may have a bunion.

What is a bunion?

Bunions occur when your big toe begins to bend toward your second toe, causing a bump on the side of your big toe. Bunions can change the shape of your foot. The area can become red and swollen, and bunions can cause constant or intermittent pain. 

Bunions develop over time, and as the condition worsens, you may find that even the smaller toes of your feet become affected. You may find that you cannot find footwear that fits because of your bunion and that other foot conditions occur such as hammertoe, corns and calluses.

Did you know that a ‘bunionette’ refers to a smaller bunion on your smallest toe?

Illustration of a bunion

What can cause bunions?

  • Family history (inherited structural problems)
  • Stress on your foot (e.g., wearing high heeled shoes)
  • Wearing footwear that does not fit you (too tight/too narrow)
  • Being flat-footed
  • Polio
  • Arthritis

How can we help you?

Your podiatrist Daniel will discuss several options to reduces stress and offload pressure on the foot. Our clinic focuses on realigning the metatarsal angle with the use of toe separators, bunion splints and orthotic shoe inserts.

Additionally, Daniel will discuss balance and strength training with you to better improve the condition of your feet.

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