Welcome to Fairfield Sports Podiatry

Fairfield Sports Podiatry is a modern general and sports podiatric clinic located in Fairfield, New South Wales.

Using our knowledge, experience and the latest technologies, we help people of all ages and fitness levels maintain active and independent lifestyles.

We treat a variety of lower body conditions including heel spurs, fallen arches, bunions, warts, knee pain, corn and callouses, shin splints, knock knees, warts and ingrown toenails. We also specialize in biomechanics, orthotics and inserts and diabetes assessments.

We are committed to providing you quality healthcare along with friendly old fashioned service. Don't hesitate to call us on (02) 9728 6389 to discuss your concerns and to book an appointment to receive an expert diagnosis and treatment.

Foot pain is not normal
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Patient Education
A well informed patient is a healthy patient. Please browse the resources we have provided for you.